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Also known as: BGMI
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Biography and Genealogy Master Index (BGMI) is an index to a large number of current and retrospective biographical compilations. By searching BGMI you can determine which publication to consult for biographical information. The total number of biographical sketches indexed by BGMI is now more than 13.6 million.

BGMI indexes only works containing multiple biographies. It does not directly index periodical articles or books of biography about a single individual. However, some of the works indexed by BGMI, such as Biography Index, will lead you to these sources of information.

Coverage: primarily 20th century
Updated: twice a year
Sources: Bibliographic Key of Sources Indexed
Notes: BGMI is an index to printed publications; it does not contain the entries in these publications. The publications referenced may or may not be held by the University of Delaware. Check DELCAT for availability.
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