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ProQuest Congressional Publications provides comprehensive access to United States legislative information. Its components are:

  • Congressional Publications - Basic Search, Advanced Search, Search By Number
  • Legislative Histories, Bills & Laws - Keyword Search, Get a Document (by Public Law Number or Enacted Bill Number)
  • Members & Committees - Member Records, Demographics, Committees
  • Regulations - Keyword Search, Get a Document (by citation in Code of Federal Regulations or Federal Register
  • Congressional Record & Rules - Keyword Search, Get a Document
  • Political News/Hot Topics - Inside Washington, Hot Bills & Hot Topics

The Library has a Basic Subscription to ProQuest Congressional and has also acquired the Congressional Indexes Historical Module and the Congressional Research Service Digital Collection Prospective Module. Available content includes:

Committee Information
  • Committee Rosters and General Information for Current Congress (updated as available)
  • Committee Schedules (Federal News Service: 1996 to current; Federal Information and News Dispatch, Inc.: 2000 to current) (updated daily)
Congressional Publications: Committee Hearings
  • Published Hearings Abstracts and Indexing (1970 to current) (updated monthly)
  • Published Hearings Indexing (1833-1969) (archive)
  • Selected Testimony Transcripts and Submitted Statements (1988 to current) (updated daily when Congress is in session)
  • Unpublished Hearings, House, Indexing (1833-1972) (updated every four years)
  • Unpublished Hearings, Senate, Indexing (1824-1984) (updated every four years)
Congressional Publications: Committee Prints
  • Committee Prints Abstracts and Indexing (1970 to current) (updated monthly)
  • Committee Prints Indexing (1830-1969) (archive)
  • Committee Prints Indexing and Searchable PDFs (2004 to current) (updated monthly)
  • Committee Prints Selected Full Text (1993-2004) (archive)
Congressional Publications: Committee Reports
  • Committee Reports Abstracts and Indexing (1970 to current) (updated monthly)
  • Committee Reports Indexing, 1789-1969 (archive)
  • Committee Reports Full Text (1990 to current; limited coverage for 1990) (updated daily when Congress is in session)
Congressional Publications: House and Senate Documents
  • House and Senate Documents Abstracts and Indexing (1970 to current) (updated monthly)
  • House and Senate Documents Indexing (1789-1969) (archive)
  • House and Senate Documents Full Text (1995 to current: most, but not all, documents are available) (updated weekly)
Congressional Publications: Other
  • Congressional Record (1985 to current) (updated daily when Congress is in session)
  • Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports (ongoing release of data from 2004 to current) (updated monthly)
  • Congressional Rules (current) (updated as available)
  • GAO Reports Abstracts and Indexing, with links to PDFs (2004 to current) (updated monthly)
Congressional Publications: Senate Exectuve Documents and Reports
  • Senate Executive Documents and Reports not included in the Serial Set (1817-1969) (archive)
Congressional Publications: Serial Set
  • Serial Set Indexing (1789-1969) (archive)

    The U.S. Congressional Serial Set is also available as a completely digitized collection, from 1789 to 1994. This collection includes the American State Papers, dating from 1789 to 1838, and the Congressional Serial Set proper, from 1817 to 1994.

Members of Congress
  • Campaign Contributions from Individuals and PACs (1987 to current) (updated quarterly during even-numbered years; semiannually during odd-numbered years)
  • Campaign Financial Data (1989 to current) (updated quarterly during even-numbered years; semi-annually during odd-numbered years)
  • Key Votes in Congress (1987 to current) (updated as available)
  • Member Financial Disclosures (1991 to current) (updated annually)
  • Member Information (current) (updated as available)
  • Profiling of Congressional Membership (current) (updated as available)
  • Voting Records in Congress
  • (1988 to current) (updated daily when Congress is in session)
Laws and Bills
  • Bill Text (1989 to current) (updated daily when Congress is in session)
  • Bill Tracking (includes CRS Bill Digest) (1989 to current) (updated daily when Congress is in session)
  • Public Laws (1988 to current) (updated within two weeks after a law is passed; most available within 24 to 48 hours)
  • U.S. Code (current) (updated several times a month)
Legislative Histories
  • Legislative Histories, Complete, All Public Laws (1999 to current) (updated monthly)
  • Legislative Histories, Complete, Major Public Laws Only (1984 to 1998) (archive)
  • Legislative Histories, Abbreviated, All Public Laws (1969-1983) (archive)
News Sources
  • The Hill (1995 to current) (updated weekly)
  • Hot Bills and Topics (current) (updated monthly)
  • Roll Call (1989 to current) (updated Monday and Thursday when Congress is in session; Monday only when in recess)
  • Washington Post, Section A, News (1977 to current) (updated daily)
  • Code of Federal Regulations (1981 to current) (updated weekly)
  • Federal Register (1980 to current) (updated daily)
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A guide to Congressional Committee Hearings Using the Historical Hearings Microfiche Set (1833-1969) is available.

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