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Analysis of current economic trends for selected countries.

Country Reports analyze political and economic trends. Each report examines and explains the issues shaping the country: the political science, economic policy, the domestic economy, and foreign trade and payments. Complementing the analysis are 18-24-month forecasts. The reports include quarterly and annual statistics of at least 150 data points picked from the most reliable sources and reviewed by EIU analysts to provide consistent, objective and impartial coverage.

The quarterly main reports provide a detailed analysis of the country’s development over the previous quarter, and two-year forecasts of economic and political changes in the short term. The monthly updates provide concise commentary and summary statistics outlining the latest changes and discussing their implications.


Country Profiles supply background and historical context of current economic and political events for each country. Each profile analyzes the infrastructure and major industrial sectors of each economy and includes maps and tables of key economic data from 1996-2008.

Coverage: 1996-
Updated: quarterly, with monthly updates
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Related Resources: The annual Country Profiles provide background economic and political information over the longer term. There are links to EIU ViewsWire [Economist Intelligence Unit] from both Country Profiles and Country Reports. EIU ViewsWire provides additional background and analytical information on countries.
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