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Access: Internet-delivered database. There are three ways to connect:
  1. from a public computer in the University of Delaware Library
  2. from a University of Delaware campus connection in your dorm, lab, or office
  3. from an off-campus connection (University of Delaware ID required)

Provides a single source of dataset discovery using the Web of Knowledge platform. This resource connects disparate datasets, connects and displays this information alongside article, book, and conference proceedings indexed in Web of Knowledge databases, and includes attribution and usage metrics. The records for the datasets, which include authors, institutions, keywords, citations and other metadata, are connected to related peer-reviewed literature indexed in the Web of Knowledge.

Updated: weekly
Coverage: 1993-
Links: Has Get It! links.
Logoff/Timeout: After 12.5 minutes of inactivity
Help: For further assistance, Ask the Library.
Software Requirements: Web of Knowledge is NOT compatible with Internet Exporer 9. Display problems can be resolved by using the "Compatibility View" option. This feature can be found under Tools > Compatibility View or by clicking on the broken/torn page icon located near the URL bar. The System Requirements for the Web of Knowledge platform can be found in the 'What's New' section. 
Users: unlimited concurrent users
Producer: Thomson Reuters

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