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Digitized images of Harper's Weekly, the leading illustrated American periodical of the last half of the nineteenth century. You can browse issues by date, search the index, search for the full text of articles, browse literature by genre, or find people by their cccupation or role in society.

The University of Delaware Library has subscribed to all the portions of HarpWeek, namely The Civil War Era (1857-1865), Reconstruction I (1866-1871), Reconstruction II (1872-1877), Gilded Age I (1878-1883), Gilded Age II (1884-1889), Gilded Age III (1890-1895), Gilded Age IV (1896-1901), Gilded Age V (1902-1907), and Gilded Age VI (1908-1912).

You may browse specific issues of Harper’s Weekly; click on “Browse Issues” on the navigation bar. You may also search the full text of articles, or search indexes or synopes; click on “Search” on the navigation bar.

Coverage: 1857-1912
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Related Resources: The Making of America collections include other digitized 19th-century periodicals.
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