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The primary goal of the Modernist Journals Project is to provide fully-searchable online editions of the English-language journals and magazines that were important in shaping those modes of literature and art that came to be called modernist. Currently, MJP contains runs of Blast, The Blue Review, Coterie, The Crisis, Dana, The English Review, The New Age, The Owl, Le Petit Journal des Réfusées, Poetry, Rhythm, Scribner’s Magazine, The Tyro, and Wheels. The link to The 1910 Collection is to single issues of 24 magazines that were published “on or about December 1910,” when, according to Virginia Wolff, “human character changed” and modernity became palatable.

A secondary goal is to make available the archives of scholarly journals devoted to modernist topics, as in the first project of this sort at Brown, an edition of the film studies journal Ciné-Tracts, edited by Ron Burnett from 1976 to 1983. A major project, in process at Tulsa, is an edition of the back issues of The James Joyce Quarterly from its founding in 1964.

Also at the site are essays on general topics related to modernism and its journals; introductions to particular journals and /or individual volumes; images of art relevant to the journals archived here; biographies of contributors to the journals; book reproductions from and about the period; and resources for students.

The Modernist Journals Project is a joint project of Brown University and the University of Tulsa, with its main server located at Brown.

Permitted Uses: All materials in these pages are freely available to all users. “We only ask that materials be cited according to standard rules of text citation.”
Output Formats: All the primary editions at the Modernist Journals Project combine visual images of the original documents with searchable text files, delivered in a portable document format (PDF). These editions are readable, downloadable, and printable, using the freely available Acrobat Reader.
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