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  NBC Learn is made available through a partnership between the Colonial Athletic Conference and NBC Learn.
Access: Internet-delivered database. There are three ways to connect:
   1. from a public computer in the University of Delaware Library
   2. from a University of Delaware campus connection in your dorm, lab, or office
   3. from an off-campus connection (University of Delaware ID required)
Description: NBC Learn Higher Ed provides access to thousands of videos from NBC News dating back to the 1920s. NBC Learn Higher Ed features historic news reports, primary source documents, video coverage of current events and original series that can be used in research and teaching. NBC Learn also includes Campus Perspectives, original content from academic institutions. The content of these videos was solely created by the institutions and has been reviewed by NBC Learn. The University of Delaware has contributed to Campus Perspectives.
Coverage: 1920-
Help: Click on “Help - Search” on the navigation bar. For further assistance, Ask a Librarian.
Users: unlimited concurrent users
Producer: NBC News

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Last modified: 05/19/14