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  The acquisition of the Naxos Music Library database was enabled through the support of the Henry Newton Lee, Jr. Family Library Music Fund.
Access: Internet-delivered database. There are three ways to connect:
  1. from a public computer in the University of Delaware Library
  2. from a University of Delaware campus connection in your dorm, lab, or office
  3. from an off-campus connection (University of Delaware ID required)

Access over 80,000 tracks (5,500 CDs), representing the entire Naxos, Marco Polo, and Da Capo catalogs, and other licensed independent labels. The entire Naxos catalog is available on Naxos Music Library before CDs are released and after they are deleted from the CD catalog. Naxos Music Library includes classical music and six other genres including jazz, blues, world, and Chinese music.

Choose tracks by Genre (Classical Music, Jazz Contemporary, etc.) and then by Categories (Ballet, Chamber Music, etc.) or else choose Text Resources, including Glossary, Pronunciation Guide, Text Search, Opera Synopses, Opera Libretti, History of Opera, Story of Classical Music, History of Classical Music, Classical Music Start-Up Kit, Instruments of the Orchestra, and Music Fundamental Terms.

The Naxos Music Library includes not only practically all standard repertoire, but also a wide range of rare repertoire not available from other sources.

Updated: monthly

A free NML app for iPhone and iPod Touch is available at the iTunes store. To use it, you must create a playlist in Naxos Music Library. The NML app is tied to the username and password you specified when you set up the playlist.

Headphones are available for checkout from the Student Multimedia Design Center.

Permitted Uses:

Subscribers to Naxos Music Library do not have the right to perform the contents publicly , e.g. in cafeterias, or other public spaces.

Output Formats:

Selections in the Naxos Music Library are available at three streaming rates: 128 Kbps (“CD”) for high-speed Internet users; 64 Kbps (“near CD”) for broadband users; and 22 Kbps (“FM”) for users on dialup connections. Toggle between “CD,” “near CD,” and “FM” by using the switch in the “Select Sound Quality” area.

Naxos Music Library is streamed. It is not possible to download or burn to CD any music on Naxos Music Library.

Logoff/Timeout: Click on “Log Out” in the upper right corner when you've finished your session.
Help: Click on “User Instructions” or “FAQ” on the upper right of the screen. For further assistance, Ask the Library.
Software Requirements: Hardware and software requirements

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Users: unlimited concurrent users
Producer: Naxos Digital Services Ltd.

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Last modified: 05/19/14