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Also known as: OEC; The Old English Corpus in Machine-Readable Form; Old English Corpus
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Description: The Corpus contains all surviving Old English material, excluding some variant texts. The texts have been divided into meaningful units, usually editorial sentences. The Corpus comprises over 3000 different texts, each of which has: a unique text number; a Cameron number (assigned in Cameron A Plan for the Dictionary of Old English); a “short title,” used in the published microfiche concordance; and a “short short title” used to identify the text in the Dictionary of Old English.
Notes: Full details of the sources used in compilation of the Old English Corpus may be found in these publications: A Plan for the Dictionary of Old English (Toronto, 1973) (PE273 .P5) and A Microfiche Concordance to Old English (Toronto, 1980) (Microforms - Microfiche no.395 Index).
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