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An electronic index to the contents of over 4,500 journals and magazines in the humanities and social sciences, from their first issues up to 1995, with links to the full text of some articles. The focus is on journals produced throughout the twentieth century; indexing for journals beginning in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries which continue into the twentieth is provided from their beginning dates. Every article is indexed. The scope is international, including periodicals in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and other Western languages.

Every journal in Periodicals Index Online is indexed under one of the following subject headings: Agriculture; Ancient Civilisations; Anthropology/Ethnology; Applied Arts; Archaeology; Architecture; Area Studies - Africa; Area Studies - Asia; Area Studies - Australasia; Area Studies - Europe; Area Studies - Middle East; Black Studies; Business/Management; Economics; Education; Fine Arts; Folklore; Geography; History (General); History (The Americas); Humanities (General); Jewish Studies; Law; Library/Information Science; Linguistics/Philology; Literature; Music; Performing Arts; Philosophy; Political Science; Psychology; Public Administration; Religion/Theology; Social Affairs; Social Sciences (General); Sociology; and Women’s Studies.

Coverage: 1665-1995
Links: Has Get It! links. There are also links to the full text of some articles on JSTOR. When full text is available, a “View full text on JSTOR” icon appears following a citation. Click on the icon to get to the full text. All journals in JSTOR’s Arts & Sciences Collections which are also indexed in Periodicals Index Online will eventually be linked.
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