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Also known as: 19th Century Masterfile, NCM, Poole’s Plus
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Nineteenth Century Masterfile (formerly Poole’s Plus) describes itself as “the digital index of the nineteenth century.” The original component was an online version of W.F. Poole’s Index to Periodical Literature, 1802-1906. The database is now enhanced with indices to other periodicals, books, newspapers, and government documents of the 19th century.

The University of Delaware Library subscribes to three series:

  • Series I: Multi-Title Periodical Indices

    Included are Poole’s Index to Periodical Literature (1802-1906), Index to Periodicals (Ed. William T. Stead, 1890-1902), An Alphabetical Subject Index and Index Encyclopedia to Periodical Articles on Religion, 1890-1899 (Ed. E. C. Richardson), Cumulative Index to a Selected List of Periodicals (1896-1899), Catalog of Scientific Papers—Mechanics, Physics, Mathematics (1800-1900) Jones and Chipman’s Index to Legal Periodical Literature (1786-1922), The Psychological Index (1894-1905), America: History and Life, and Swem’s Virginia Index, 1619-1930.
  • Series III: New York Times and other Newspaper Indices

    New York Times Index (1863-1905), New York Herald Tribune Index (1875-1906), Palmer’s Index to the Times (1880-1890), and Index to the Oregon Spectator (1846-1854).
  • Series V: Government Documents Indices

    Congressional Record File, Descriptive Catalogue of the Government Publications of the U. S. (1774-1881), A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents (1789-1897), Hansard’s Index to Debates, House of Commons (1803-1830), Hansard’s Index to Debates, House of Lords (1803-1830), Cobbett’s Parliamentary History of England (1066-1803), and Subject Matter of Patents Issued by the U.S. (1790-1873), and Comprehensive Index to the Publications of the United States Government (1881-1983) (The Ames Index)
Coverage: 19th and early 20th centuries
Links: There are links to America: History & Life and Historical Abstracts. Depending on your search criteria, an indication of the number of hits in one or both of these databases appears, and you can click on a link to the database(s) to execute a search there.
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