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DLA Conference Planning (Program) Committee

Committee Description

The president-elect may serve as the chairperson of this committee until the end of the annual conference. This committee should be composed of at least seven members with representatives from each division. Some members may be reappointed to assure continuity.

Committee Duties

  1. To arrange for the time, location, and programs for conferences/meetings of the Association subject to the approval of the Executive Board and to appoint such subcommittees as: Registration, Awards, Exhibits, Transportation, Hospitality, Evaluation and others deemed necessary.
  2. To submit the budget for any conferences/meetings to the Executive Board.
  3. To keep the public relations committee informed of conference dates and locations so that notice may be sent to the public press, professional journals, and the Delaware Library Association Bulletin.
  4. To arrange for exhibits at conferences/meetings.
  5. To coordinate such meetings and assume the duties of registration.
  6. To supervise the printing and mailing of conference information. Notice to membership should be sent at least six weeks prior to the date of the meeting.


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