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Important Information: How DLA Operates

Committee Descriptions

From the DLA Handbook:


The archivist is appointed by the president. The archives of the Association will be housed in a library selected by the archivist.

  1. To acquire, maintain and preserve all Association records.
  2. To keep a historical record of the Association.
  3. To make the archives accessible to members of the Association.

Budget Committee (Special)

Shall consist of the elected treasurer of the Association and those treasurers elected by the divisions of the Association.

  1. To prepare a balanced budget for the next calendar year which reflects a realistic measure of anticipated revenues and expenditures.
  2. To present a budget for the Executive Board of the Association to review and approve at its December meeting.

Handbook Committee (Special)

Should have at least three members. This committee should be appointed every three years.

  1. To consider and recommend needed changes in the Handbook.
  2. To secure ALA approval of any revision or amendments of the By-Laws through the ALA councilor.

Intellectual Freedom and Open Access Committee (Standing)

Should be composed of at least five members. All types of libraries should be represented.

  1. To keep the Executive Board and Association informed of all matters relating to intellectual freedom or open access that have implication for Delaware libraries.
  2. To recommend policy and appropriate action in these areas.
  3. To keep abreast of national developments and maintain contact with the ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom.
  4. To represent the Association when authorized by the Executive Board, at meetings and hearings on these subjects.
  5. To set up procedures to handle the reporting of intellectual freedom problems to the committee and the passing of this information to the Executive Board.
  6. To provide for the continuing education of library personnel on all aspects of intellectual freedom and open access. Methods may include workshops and a regular column in the Bulletin.

Job Placement Committee (Special)

The committee should be composed of at least four members - one from each type of library - academic, school, public and special. It is desirable to have representation from all three counties.

  1. To act as a clearing house for available library positions, professional and non-professional, full-time and part-time, in the Delaware area.
  2. The members representing each type of library to act as contact people (within the type of library) for the purpose of listing available positions.
  3. The chair gathers job listing information from the members and from general media. He or she forwards it to the State Library's telephone line.

Legislative Action Committee (Standing)

The past president may serve as chairperson of this committee. Other committee members should include the president of DLA, State Librarian, County Library Directors, and others who are needed for a coordinated legislative effort. Some members should be reappointed to assure continuity.

  1. To maintain an active and responsive legislative network and originate or participate in coalitions which attempt to achieve DLA's goals.
  2. To conduct programs to educate the Delaware Library Association membership and committees as to what the library issues are and how they can be effective in the political process. These may include: a) holding workshops, conducting programs; b) publishing a newsletter or fact sheet.
  3. To alert the citizenry when important legislation, regulations, or ordinances affecting library services are being considered by Federal, State, or local governments.
  4. To keep civic and educational organizations in Delaware informed of DLA's legislative interest and urge them to give their active support.
  5. To submit articles to the Bulletin when appropriate.

Long Range Planning Committee (Special)

Shall be composed of all past presidents of the Delaware Library Association. The immediate past president of the Association will serve as chair of the committee.

  1. To develop and propose for consideration by the Executive Board, a five year plan for the direction of the Association. The plan should state the mission, goals and objectives of the Association and propose strategies for achieving the goals and objectives.
  2. To identify and review current directions and trends of librarianship in the nation and to identify the Association's role in relation to those trends.
  3. To review the structure by which DLA currently operates and to recommend changes, if necessary.
  4. To act as an information resource for the Executive Board in its effort to maintain continuity and resolution of purpose for DLA's long range planning.

Membership Committee (Standing)

Should consist of a minimum of one representative from each division and one representative from each county and others as needed. Some members may be reappointed to assure continuity.

  1. To prepare membership brochures to interest persons in joining the Association.
  2. To recruit and make contact with potential members, to reinstate old memberships, and contact newly elected trustees, friends, and boards.
  3. To provide for the acceptance of dues and memberships at the general and divisional meetings.
  4. To send bills for dues in December and reminders in February. To forward dues received to the treasurer for deposit. The records of this committee constitute the official membership file of the Association.
  5. To prepare membership cards for members and be responsible for sending lists of divisional members to respective division heads.
  6. To record all changes of address, new memberships, renewals in the official records.
  7. To prepare instructions for the Association's mailing.
  8. To include in membership brochures the fact that the vice president and the president of DLA must be personal members of both DLA and ALA.

Nominating Committee (Special)

At least three members representing the various sections of the state and/or types of libraries and who are conversant with the Association's efforts should be appointed. Voting members of the Executive Board may not serve.

  1. To prepare a slate for election of the necessary officers of the Association as described in the By-Laws. Consideration should be given to having nominees from various sections of the state and types of libraries.
  2. To report to the Executive Board two months prior to the annual business meeting of the Association.
  3. To inform the Association membership of the proposed candidates not less than six weeks before the annual business meeting.
  4. To announce the results at the last business session of the annual conference.
  5. Continuous use of the same individuals or of an undue number of persons from the same library should be avoided.

Program Committee (Standing)

The president-elect may serve as the chairperson of this committee until the end of the annual conference. This committee should be composed of at least seven members with representatives from each division. Some members may be reappointed to assure continuity.

  1. To arrange for the time, location, and programs for conferences/meetings of the Association subject to the approval of the Executive Board and to appoint such subcommittees as: Registration, Awards, Exhibits, Transportation, Hospitality, Evaluation and others deemed necessary.
  2. To submit the budget for any conferences/meetings to the Executive Board.
  3. To keep the public relations committee informed of conference dates and locations so that notice may be sent to the public press, professional journals, and the Delaware Library Association Bulletin.
  4. To arrange for exhibits at conferences/meetings.
  5. To coordinate such meetings and assume the duties of registration.
  6. To supervise the printing and mailing of conference information. Notice to membership should be sent at least six weeks prior to the date of the meeting.

Public Relations Committee (Standing)

Should consist of one representative from each division and one representative from each county, and others as needed. Some members may be reappointed to assure continuity.

  1. To publicize, to the general public, the value and importance of libraries and the various events and activities of DLA and to disseminate appropriate communications to the media.
  2. To establish and maintain contact with all committees and divisions for information about newsworthy events.
  3. To publicize the date and location of all Association and divisional meetings. To send notice of newsworthy events of the Association to the press and professional journals. To make arrangements for professional news coverage at these events if possible, and arrange for photographic coverage.
  4. To send copies of publicity to the publications committee and the archivist.
  5. To publicize National Library Week.

Publications Committee (Standing)

Should have three members, preferably representing the three counties, and others as needed. The chairperson shall be editor of the official publication of DLA for at least two years. The editor may select an advertising manager.
  1. To edit and publish the Bulletin of the Delaware Library Association at least three times a year.
  2. To recommend the editorial policy to the Executive Board and keep a manual of policies.

Scholarship, Awards, and Citations Committee (Standing)

Composed of at least four members, to include at least one person from each county.

  1. To publicize and solicit recommendations for available scholarships, awards and citations through the publicity committee.
  2. To review recommendations for nominees and submit the committee's decisions to the Executive Board three months before the annual conference.
  3. To serve as the sole channel for recommendations to the Executive Board of names and supporting criteria for persons to be considered for the DLA, DLA division, or ALA scholarship, award or citation.
  4. To prepare the awards and citations.
  5. To consider ways to increase the scholarship fund.
  6. To determine criteria for scholarships, awards and citations, subject to the approval of the Executive Board.
  7. To receive applications for scholarships.
  8. To maintain in the archives the history of the scholarships, awards and citations and names of recipients, and business records of scholarships.


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