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Conference Programs

Keynote Address 9 - 10:15 a.m.

Superheroes to Serial Killers: Librarians in Literature

Tired of those worn-out stereotypes: the spinster with her hair in a bun wearing sensible shoes, or the mousy man in a tweed jacket with reading glasses on a chain around his neck? Forget those stale clichés and come hear nationally known reader’s advisory expert Michael B. Gannon’s wild and wacky (but always informative) take on the broad spectrum of fascinating and fictional librarians that exist in every genre of popular literature. Librarians are everywhere – from mystery to romance, from adventure to science fiction. Empower yourself and hear about a multitude of titles to read or recommend to your patrons. Remember Batgirl is a librarian! Rated PG-13.

Mr. Gannon's appearance at our conference is sponsored in part by

Michael Gannon


Continuing Session 8 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

TechnoZoo: a petting zoo for new technologies

Note: closed during Lunch

Technology animals gather at the first ever TechnoZoo event. Wander into the Chardonnay Room throughout our conference to pet a gaming console, a mp3 player, and a Kindle or to play with a podcast, an e-audio download and Flickr. Zookeepers, Vinny Alascia and Richard James, will make the experience memorable. 

Vinny Alascia and Richard James


Morning Sessions 10:30 - 11:45 a.m.

Title & Location Description Presenter

The Internet Public Library: Collaborative Connexions

Siena Room

Digital reference skills are dramatically affected by patrons’ technological adaptations and expectations.  The physical reference desk is the foundation for telephone, email, chat/IM and other types of ways to serve our communities.  As a real reference service, the IPL provides a place for future librarians to learn while doing; but where is this headed?

Cathay Crosby

Cecil County Families READ!

Venetian Room

Explore this early literacy program that builds on expanded parent involvement, instructional excellence and continuity. The objective is establishing extended instruction to the preschool child’s parent so that the child’s life if saturated with oral language/early and emergent literacy development opportunities. Using curriculum based on MMSR and NCLB, staff will enhance parent knowledge to enrich their children’s environments. Staff works directly with parents to coach, model and implement oral language and early literacy opportunities. Participants will have the opportunity to view instructional materials, see how the materials are used and participate in creating ways to use the materials and how to instruct parents to use the materials. The program was created with funds awarded by the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy / Maryland Initiative.

See the Family Reads website.

Diane Rebertus

In-house preservation discussion

Verona Room

A discussion of practical hands-on conservation and preservation techniques.

Mary Durio and Jessica Keister

How Do You Raise a Reader?

Chardonnay Room

What's new in children's literature? In Judy Freeman's fast-paced workshop, she will give you a dynamic guided tour through some of the best recent children's books for reading aloud and using across the curriculum. You'll learn simple but effective ways to use these fabulous books with children, incorporating booktalking, creative drama and Reader's Theater, comprehension and higher level thinking skills, writing and illustrating prompts and other practical and fun strategies and hands-on activities. Included with the workshop is a comprehensive, annotated bibliography of all the titles and even more ideas to whet your appetite for books.

Judy Freeman

Afternoon Sessions 3 - 4:15 p.m.

Title & Location Description Presenter

Gaming in the Library: No Need To Be Afraid

Siena Room

Join Kelly Czarnecki, a national leader in Young Adult library service, to discuss how video gaming programs are a successful part of an overall vision of service to develop interaction with young adults in the library. But, where do you start? What equipment do you need? Kelly will answer these questions and more as we explore this strategy to connect with our public at a point in their library user lifecycle that we usually see them drop off.

Kelly Czarnecki

Lifelong Access Libraries: A New Perspective on Engaging Older Adults

Venetian Room

Come learn how the Boomer Generation is reshaping approaches to aging and older adults in America and how to position your library at the forefront of this change.  Become a leader by learning strategies for transforming your programs and services to respond to the surge of baby boomers heading your way. This program will include an overview of Libraries for the Future’s Lifelong Access Initiative, address the challenges and opportunities for serving this new group of retirees, emphasize the importance of collaborating with others engaged in complementary work, and provide an overview of innovative work being implemented nationally by Lifelong Access Fellows.

Sabrina Waldron

Preserving America's History at the National Archives

Verona Room

Doris Hamburg, esteemed conservationist and Director of Preservation Programs at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in Washington, D.C. shares her broad expertise on this essential topic with you.

Doris Hamburg

Navigating the Stacks: Reading Maps and Whole Collection RA

Chardonnay Room

This workshop will explore the idea of whole collection readers’ advisory service and the expanding concept of appeal. The workshop will introduce the idea of read-arounds and reading maps as examples of ways to use the whole collection and will provide participants with an opportunity to plan a map of their own.

Neal Wyatt


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