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Important Information: How DLA Operates



I.  Membership Categories

A. Personal Membership

  1. Professional – persons employed in library / media services.
  2. Paraprofessional – persons employed in a paraprofessional capacity in library / media services.
  3. Student – persons studying in a library / media education program.
  4. Friend – trustees, library commission members, members of library Friends organizations and other interested persons.
  5. Retired – members who have retired from active work in library / media services.
  6. Sustaining – persons willing to support the Association to a larger extent than the regular membership.
  7. Honorary Life Members – members selected by the Executive Board of the Association.
B. Institutional Membership
  1. Regular – libraries, library schools, and other non-profit library-related organizations.
  2. Sustaining – organizations willing to support the Association to a larger extent than regular membership.
  3. Large – organizations with budget exceeding $1,000,000.
II.  Dues
  1. Membership dues are due in July of each year. Persons paying dues after May 1st of each year will be added to the membership list of the following year.
  2. Members who have not paid dues for the current year are no longer members of the Association. Their names will be retained on the mailing list for six months.

III.  Rights and Privileges of Members

A. Personal Members
  1. Personal members shall have the right to vote and hold office. They shall be eligible for any special membership rates at Association conferences, workshops, and meetings.
  2. Membership in one division is included in the general membership dues. Additional divisional memberships can be obtained by an additional payment per division to the Association.
  3. Each person shall receive written confirmation of dues payment.
  4. Each personal member shall receive issues of the DLA Bulletin and copies of all general mailings.
B. Institutional Members
  1. Institutions and organizations paying membership dues shall receive confirmation of payment.
  2. Institutional members shall receive DLA Bulletin issues and copies of all general mailings to the Association membership.
  3. Institutional members may post position announcements on the DLA Jobs webpage at no cost.

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