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Finding Articles

Your assignments in English 110 will often require you to use articles from popular or scholarly journals to support your research. This section will lead you through the process of searching for, finding and locating articles.

It is important to remember how articles fit into the information landscape before you incorporate them into your paper.

Review: Articles
  • Articles published in scholarly journals allow scholars to communicate their research to one another. Using articles published in these journals is a great way to tap into research by experts.
  • The journals that publish articles are issued several times a year, so they can be more current than books.
  • The Library cannot subscribe to every journal that exists. Therefore, you may find the perfect article, but need to request it from another library. This can take some extra time.
  • Articles are relatively short, so they typically cover only a single aspect of a topic at a time. You will need to find several articles to build a successful thesis or argument.


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