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Often when you think of a topic, you'll start out with a vague idea, like: "women and advertising" or "religion in public schools." These topics are too broad to effectively cover in a single research paper. You could spend your whole life trying to investigate these topics!

One way to narrow your topic into someting more manageable is to state the topic in the form of a question:

"How does the portrayal of women in advertising affect girls' self-image?" or, "should students be permitted to wear religious clothing while attending public schools?"

Too narrow!

However, don't get TOO narrow! For example, the topic "how does the portrayal of women in action movie trailers affect adolescent girls' self-image?" is so narrow that you may not be able to find enough information to support your thesis.

It is likely that you will make changes to your topic here and there as you go through the research process.


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