How to Connect to the University of Delaware Library

The University of Delaware Library provides access to a wide variety of electronic resources on computer workstations located throughout the Morris Library and branch libraries. Almost all of these electronic resources are also available to University of Delaware students, faculty, and staff in residence halls, classrooms, offices, and at home. Due to license restrictions, most electronic resources are not available from outside the Library to users who are not University of Delaware students, faculty, or staff.

Connecting from on Campus

On-campus users (i.e., in a residence hall, faculty office, etc.) who wish to access the electronic resources offered by the Library can use any PC that has an Ethernet connection to the University of Delaware campus network. General information on connecting a PC to the campus network is provided by the IT Help Center’s Getting Connected to UD’s Electronic Campus page.

Connecting from off Campus

Off-campus users have two options to connect to the University of Delaware network:

Laptops in the University of Delaware Library

All library users may bring personal laptop computers into the Morris Library and the branch libraries. University of Delaware faculty, staff, and students can use any laptop computer that has an Ethernet connection of the campus network. Those wishing to connect to the Internet can access the campus network at Library locations using roaming IP or a wireless connection to the “UnpluggeD” Wireless Network.

There are over 80 roaming IP access points in the Morris Library, including connections in most group study rooms, the Reserve Room, and all graduate study carrels. Floor maps show the locations of areas in the Library with connections to the Internet as well as wireless areas. Outlets are marked by signs on the walls above each location and blue dots on the outlets themselves. Similar signs indicate at least two connections in each branch library on the Newark campus.

Connecting Your Laptop to the Campus Network Using Roaming IP. You must have an active UDelNet ID and password. All computers connecting to the network must be registered.

Connecting Your Laptop to the Wireless Network. Information Technologies provides information on system requirements, setups, and usage. You will need a wireless Ethernet card in your laptop.

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Last modified: 02/07/12