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Off-Campus Access and the Need to “Authenticate”

Due to licensing agreements, access to most Library databases and other electronic resources, such as electronic journals, is restricted to computers on the University of Delaware campus. If you are a current University of Delaware student, faculty, and staff using an Internet service provider such as Verizon or Comcast to access the Library’s Web site, you might encounter links to licensed resources from the Library’s Web pages. The first time you click on such a link, you will be taken to the University of Delaware proxy page. After you enter your UDelNet ID and password, you will be authenticated as a University of Delaware user and will continue to your selected link. You generally need to do this only once during your session at the Library’s Web site.

With proxy access, you can use all Web-based Library databases and electronic journals just as if you were on campus. You can access all Library electronic resources from computers at any off-campus location—home, office, another university, public library, etc.

UD Proxify Button

In June 2014, the Library switched proxy servers. The UD Proxify button is no longer being used.  

Who Does Not Need to Use the Proxy?

If you are on a computer at the University of Delaware or dialing directly into the University, you do not need to use the proxy server. If your computer has an IP in one of the ranges below, then you will have access to Library resources, and you do not need the proxy server.

University of Delaware IP Ranges:

Access to DELCAT Discovery, the online catalog of the University of Delaware Library, is open to all.


If You Are a Community Library User

Due to license restrictions, Library users not affiliated with the University of Delaware are not allowed remote access to licensed Library resources. You may use these electronic resources, but only in the Library.

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Last modified: 06/17/14