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"Biotechnology at the Dinner Table" Exhibition  

    The University of Delaware Library announces that the first floor exhibition cases in the Morris Library will feature an exhibition entitled "Biotechnology at the Dinner Table: The Genetically Modified Food Controversy” from Tuesday, October 2, 2007 through Friday, December 14, 2007.

    Foods made from agricultural products that have been modified by genetic manipulation are becoming commonplace in today’s supermarkets.  Biotechnology has also enhanced traditional foods by the addition of desirable nutritional elements, the so-called nutraceuticals or functional foods.

    The University of Delaware Library has rich resources in the subject, from a film on genetically-altered foods to books on consumer-acceptance of biotech foods to works on the views of scientists and health-care providers on the efficacy and morality of biotech products. The Library also has a number of volumes written by detractors of biotechnology, expressing fear and skepticism that genetically modified nutrients are safe, appropriate, and economically sensible.   The curator for the exhibition is Frederick Getze, Associate Librarian in the Branch Libraries Department and subject selector for the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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