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    The Student Multimedia Design Center formally opened on the Lower Level of the Morris Library has more than 70 multimedia workstations, six studios and two classrooms.  The Student Multimedia Design Center was designed to be a flexible space with movable workstations, chairs, white boards and privacy screens, where students could meet and discuss and work in groups, as well as individually.  The Student Multimedia Design Center is one of the largest academic facilities in the country which focuses on multimedia creation.

    The Student Multimedia Design Center was designed to meet the current and future needs of the increasing number of classes which involve creation of multimedia presentations as a course requirement.  The Center was also designed for students to record and practice presentations.  

    The multimedia equipment and workstations in the Center are available for use by University of Delaware students, faculty and staff who can create and edit multimedia projects for courses; practice on video presentations; and borrow video cameras and related equipment while working alone or in collaborative groups.  Existing services related to providing assistance with library microforms, maps, copy services and digitization were incorporated into the new service area.

    The Student Multimedia Design Center is a collaborative service of the University of Delaware Library and Information Technologies. 


    Four video editing studios—large enough for up to six persons—allow for recording and editing video using cameras available at the service desk.  The studios may also be used to rehearse and record presentations.  Each of the studios has high-end production level dual monitor workstations for high speed editing.  These studios are also designed for recording using digital camcorders and audio recorders which are available at the service desk.

    Two special studios—a Transfer Studio and a Sound Studio—allow conversion and recording of multimedia sources to other formats including sound.  For example, a VHS tape can be converted to MiniDV and then from it, a DVD.  

Open Area Workstations and Classrooms

    More than 70 workstations are available including more than 25 Windows and Dual Boot Macintosh multimedia workstations in flexible space conducive to student collaborative and group work.

    Faculty can reserve one of two multimedia classrooms available with workstations for hands-on collaborative multimedia endeavors. 

  • Classroom A:   27 Windows workstations with multimedia software
  • Classroom B:   17  Dual Boot Macintosh computers running both Windows and Apple multimedia software
Equipment Specifications


  • Mac Pro computers with dual Apple 23" Cinema Displays
  • Sharp PN-455 45" LCD panel
  • JVC sound system
  • MiniDV and VHS tape decks
Classroom A
  • 27 Windows computers, with 19" monitors
  • all with Firewire/USB 2.0 ports and dual-layer DVD burner.
Classroom B
  • 17 Dual Boot iMac computers, with 24" monitors
  • all with Firewire 400/800/USB 2.0 ports and dual-layer DVD burner

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