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How I Learned to Stop Judging and Love Adaptation

    The University of Delaware Library announces a presentation by Dr. Thomas Leitch, Professor of English, "How I Learned to Stop Judging and Love Adaptation" on Thursday, September 18, 2008.  Sponsored by the University of Delaware Library Assembly of Professional Staff (UDLAPS) as part of “the Scholar in the Library” series, the event will be held from Noon to 1:00 p.m. in the Class of 1941 Lecture Room in the Morris Library.  The event is open to the public, and light refreshments will be available. 

    Professor Leitch, whose recently published book Film Adaptation and Its Discontents: From Gone with the Wind to The Passion of the Christ examines the topic of film adaptation in depth, will begin his talk by examining the widely-adopted maxim that, although everybody has seen movies based on beloved novels and plays and stories, nobody likes them.  For many years, the study of film adaptations -- movies based, as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences states, on material from another medium -- was equally unfashionable, neglected by both English departments and programs in film studies. Literary scholars sniffed that movies were never as good as the books they were based on; film theorists were suspicious of discussions about adaptation as too bookish for a discipline that had grown up in opposition to literary studies.  The past several years, however, have seen a remarkable flowering of groundbreaking work in adaptation studies. Professor Leitch, whose initial resistance to film adaptations and adaptation study was second to none, uses his adventures in the field -- in classrooms, at conferences, in movie theaters, in libraries -- to illuminate the issues that have given a new impetus to film adaptations and the people who love them.

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