World Cinema Worldwide Exhibition

    The University of Delaware Library announces the exhibition entitled “World Cinema Worldwide” which will be on view in the Information Room of the Morris Library from September 15, 2008 through December 16, 2008.  The exhibition showcases a broad survey of contemporary world cinema taken from the rich and varied collections of world film and related print materials at the University of Delaware Library.

    In an era of fast-paced development and invention, film was the first industrialized art form to dominate the cultural life of the twentieth century.  Over the past hundred years, cinema has influenced and been influenced by world history, global politics, national identities, and widespread technological innovations.  Audiences and scholars view and study film to forge connections, both emotional and intellectual, among these varied influences. 

    “World Cinema Worldwide,” was curated by Meghann Matwichuk, Senior Assistant Librarian, and Leigh Rifenburg, Library Coordinator, both of the Instructional Media Collection Department of the University of Delaware Library.