Library Exhibition on "Utilizing Wind to Generate Electricity"

    The University of Delaware Library announces a new exhibition, “Utilizing Wind to Generate Electricity: A Developing Alternative Power Source on the East Coast” which will be on display in the Information Room of the Morris Library from Friday, July 9, 2010 through Tuesday, September 7, 2010.

    This exhibition will showcase books and other Library resources that explore wind energy in generating electrical power.  Viewers can explore information in these resources that will help to address their questions of how wind power generation could impact the state, regional, and national economies; the environment; and the health of residents in the Delmarva and Mid-Atlantic regions.  Information on the “business” of electric power generation, the process of wind power plants and systems being created and implemented, and the daily operations and degrees of success of wind energy systems that have been developed in the United States and other countries will be included.

    "Utilizing Wind to Generate Electricity” is curated by Mary Donnelly, Library Technician in the Access Services Department of the University of Delaware Library.

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