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Judge Morris' Own Book     




Susan Brynteson, the May Morris Director of Libraries, and Timothy Murray, Head of Special Collections.  

     The University of Delaware Library has received the donation of a very special book, The One-Teacher School in Delaware: A Study in Attendance, by Richard Watson Cooper and Hermann Cooper, published by the University of Delaware Press in 1925.  The book is housed in Special Collections in the Morris Library.

    The gift came from the Wilmington-based law firm of Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnel where Judge Hugh M. Morris was the founder and senior partner.  The book is inscribed in cursive writing “Hugh M. Morris 10/13/25” and was originally owned by Judge Morris.  Judge Morris is the name sake for whom the Morris Library is named. 

    The One-Teacher School in Delaware: A Study in Attendance was dedicated to “Farm Boys and Girls of Delaware, Patrons of Democracy.  The purpose of the study of the one-teacher schools of Delaware was “to analyze and present the facts of attendance and non-attendance of one-teacher pupils in their relation to enrollment, age-grade relation, and promotion, and to do this in such a way as will enable the citizens of the state to understand the relationships that exist between these features of the school life of rural pupils.”  Mr. Pierre S. du Pont and Dr. Joseph H. Odell were the initiators of the study.

morris book

Judge Morris’ own copy

    Judge Hugh Martin Morris (1878-1966) was a respected attorney and eminent jurist.  A graduate of Delaware College, he was also a long time Trustee and then President of the Board of Trustees of the University of Delaware, and also a generous benefactor of the University.

    As President of the Board of Trustees, Judge Morris saw the University of Delaware expand approximately five-fold by the size of its enrollment and physical plant.  The period during which he served was one of great change and growth for the University of Delaware including the completion of many major buildings; the restructuring of the University with the merge of the Women’s College and the resulting establishment of coeducation; the enduring of the World War II years and years immediately following which brought an increasing number of students; the opening of the University to African Americans; and the major expansion of the academic program including the establishment of support for research. 

    “The University of Delaware Library is delighted to add to its Special Collections Judge Morris’s own copy of this important work,” stated Susan Brynteson, the May Morris Director of Libraries.

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