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Jacques-Louis David: New Perspectives
Editor: Dorothy Johnson
During a period of social, political, and cultural upheaval and transformations in France Jacques-Louis David emerged as the artistic leader of his epoch. The current volume, which covers the artist's entire career, provides a further step in the direction of nuanced thinking about David's art and brings to light new evidence concerning the artist, his legacy, and the culture in which he lived and worked.
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ISBN: 978-1611492835 $70.00

John Dryden, 1631-1700: His Politics, His Plays, and His Poets: A Tercentenary Celebration Held at Yale University 6-7 October, 2000
Editors: Claude Rawson and Aaron Santesso
This volume celebrates the work of John Dryden and reassesses his position in the literary tradition three hundred years after his death. Part 1 features essays that reconsider Dryden's interaction with the London of his day, and how that interaction shapes his drama. Part 2 includes essays that set Dryden alongside those poets who influenced him (Virgil, Persius, Juvenal, Shakespeare), those he influenced (Pope and Swift), and contemporary poetic rivals (Milton and Marvell).
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ISBN: 978-0874138429 $85.00

John Quincy Adams Ward, Dean of American Sculpture: With a Catalogue Raisonné
Author: Lewis I. Sharp
Catalogues Ward's sculpture, analyzes his style, evaluates the quality of his work, and determines the artistic influences on his sculpture. A chronological catalogue of his 125 recorded works follows a biographical essay. Illustrated.
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ISBN: 978-1611491500 $85.00

John Rainolds's Oxford Lectures on Aristotle's Rhetoric, 1572-1578
Author: John Rainolds
Edited and translated by Lawrence D. Green
Published for the first time, these are the only university lectures known to have survived from sixteenth-century Oxford and the first major treatment of Aristotle's Rhetoric in England. Includes a critical edition of the Latin and Greek text, translation, commentary, and critical introduction.
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ISBN: 978-0874132878 $105.00

John Sloan's Oil Paintings: A Catalogue Raisonné
Author: John Sloan Compiler: Rowland Elzea
Descriptions and histories of the 1,265 oils by John Sloan (1871-1951), more than 1,000 of which are illustrated. Includes critical commentary, the artist's own comments, and an analysis of Sloan's work and his role in American painting. Indexing by title and subject. Illustrated.
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Part 1 (no longer available)
ISBN: 978-1611491593 (Part 2) $115.00

John Sloan's Women: A Psychoanalysis of Vision
Author: Janice M. Coco
Using psychoanalysis (object relations theory) and social history, Janice M. Coco explores the individual and social identities that inform Sloan's many representations of women. She examines the ways that he defined defined himself as both man and artist at a time when the ideals of masculinity and artistic identity were at issue.
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ISBN: 978-1611492521 $65.00

John White Alexander and the Construction of National Identity: Cosmopolitan American Art, 1880-1915
Author: Sarah J. Moore
Moore positions the work of American artist John White Alexander at the intersection of the shifting discourse of nationalism in American art at the turn of the twentieth century. The book addresses the dynamic search for and definition of national identity through a careful examination of the institutional complexes in which Alexander worked and exhibited.
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ISBN: 978-1611492187 $65.00

Johnson the Poet: The Poetic Career of Samuel Johnson
Author: David F. Venturo
Johnson the Poet is the first book to deal comprehensively with the poetry of Samuel Johnson. It provides critical commentary on Johnson's long and versatile poetic career as novice poet, formal verse imitator and satirist, playwright, moralist, neo-Latinist, elegist, prologuist, and writer of impromptu drawing-room versewhile setting his verse in eighteenth-century political, theological, moral, and literary contexts. The book includes an appendix with texts and the author's translations of Johnson's Latin poems.
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ISBN: 978-0874136760 $90.00

Jonathan Swift and the Arts
Author: Joseph McMinn
This is the first comprehensive account of Swift's engagement with the arts in Ireland and England. It both documents and reflects upon his attitudes toward music, gardening, theatre, architecture, and painting, and suggests that, despite his often sceptical attitude towards the non-literary arts, he saw them as a rich source of inspiration and entertainment for both his poetry and prose.
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ISBN: 978-1611491258 $70.00

The Journal of Thomas Moore, Volume 4: 1831-1835
Author: Thomas Moore
Editor: Wilfred S. Dowden
For over one hundred years, the journal of the Irish poet Thomas Moore (1779-1852) was thought to have been destroyed. In 1967 the manuscript was found in the archives of the Longman Publishing House in London. This edition, published in six volumes, reveals the essential Moore and introduces the reader to the daily, personal record of Moore's life from 1818 to 1847. The journal begins as an accurate rendering of the author's daily life and ends as a tragic reflection of a failing memory and a deteriorating mind. Illustrated.
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ISBN: 978-0874132564 (volume 4 - 1831-1835) $73.50

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