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Octave Mirbeau's Fictions of the Transcendental
Author: Robert Ziegler
Political firebrand, tireless reformer, champion of the avant-garde, Octave Mirbeau embraced his role as disturber of the peace. Inspired by Kropotkine and Dostoyevsky, Mirbeau became the social conscience of the era, speaking in a clear voice to impugn capitalist ideology, to defend the cause of the worker, the child, the pauper, the prostitute, and the soldier sacrificed as cannon fodder.
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ISBN: 978-1611495614 $75.00 hardback/E-Book Available

Odyssey of a Bombardier: The POW Log of Richard M. Mason
Editors: John J. Hurt and Steven E. Sidebotham
Odyssey of a Bombardier is the illustrated Prisoner of War "log" that depicts the experiences of bombardier Richard M. Mason in German prison camps after his B-17 "Flying Fortress" was shot down by the Germans in France in 1944, the final year of World War II.
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ISBN: 978-1611494952 $90.00 hardback/E-Book Available

Of Memory and Literary Form: Making the Early Modern English Nation
Author: Kyle Pivetti
This book opens with a crisis of recollection. In the early modern period, real political traumas like civil war and regicide exacerbated what were already perceived ruptures in myths of English descent. William Camden and other scholars had revealed that the facts of history could not justify the Arthurian myths, nor could history itself guarantee any moment of collective origin for the English people.
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ISBN: 978-1611495584 Forthcoming

Of Paradise and Light: Essays on Henry Vaughan and John Milton in Honor of Alan Rudrum
Editors: Donald R. Dickson and Holly Faith Nelson
This collection examines intertextual intersections in the works of Henry Vaughan and John Milton and considers their aesthetic, philosophical, or political implications. The volume not only adds to the debate on Milton's iteration, duplication, and renovation of precursor texts, but represents the first collection of original essays on the poetry and prose of Henry Vaughan.
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ISBN: 978-1611492576 $95.00

The Ogre’s Progress: Images of the Ogre in Modern and Contemporary French Fiction
Author: Jonathan F. Krell
This book examines how modern French fiction writers have appropriated the ogre figure in order to evoke violence in all its voracity, as well as destructive time, which eats away the moments of our lives as the prototypical ogre of Western literature, Cronus, devoured his own children.
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ISBN: 978-1611491227 $41.50

On Measure for Measure: An Essay in Criticism of Shakespeare's Drama
Author: Lawrence Ross
Continuing radical disagreement about Measure for Measure questions criticism's ability to be answerable to Shakespearean drama. This book illustrates an eclectic historical criticism capable of manifesting this problematic play's coherence.
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ISBN: 978-0874135930 $70.00

On Second Thought: Updating the Eighteenth-Century Text
Editors: Debra Taylor Bourdeau and Elizabeth Kraft
Divided into two parts, the book focuses on, first, eighteenth-century sequels and, then, twentieth-century updates to offer cogent, provocative readings of individual works that contest the notion of proprietary authorship by acts of appropriation, homage, and intertextuality. The volume reflects current critical trends in its expansive sense of "text" as well as in its emphasis on postmodern and postcolonial themes.
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ISBN: 978-1611493146 $85.00

On the Mason-Dixon Line: An Anthology of Contemporary Delaware Writers
Editors: Billie Travalini and Fleda Brown
In the first collection of its kind, the editors have gathered together fifty-two of the best poems, stories, memoirs, novel excerpts, and creative nonfiction by writers who have called the tiny state of Delaware their home. The volume offers meticulously selected work, alphabetized by author, much of it inspired by or set in the state, and all in a wide range of styles.
First-Place Award for Book Editing, 2009 Communications Contest, Delaware Press Association
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Series: Cultural Studies of Delaware and the Eastern Shore
ISBN: 978-1611490954 $80.00

100 Hundred Years of Innovation: A Legacy of Pedagogy & Research
Author: Regina Lee Blaszczyk
In 1914, the University of Delaware established a course in chemical engineering. A century later, the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering is one of the leading academic departments at the University of Delaware and one of top chemical engineering programs in the United States. In 100 Years of Innovation, historian Regina Lee Blaszczyk examines the 100-year history of this "small wonder."
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ISBN: 978-1611495096 $100.00

One Voice and Many: Modern Poets in Dialogue
Author: Beth Ellen Roberts
This book examines the ways in which W. H. Auden, Thomas Hardy, T. S. Eliot, W. B. Yeats, Robert Frost, and Louis MacNeice manipulate distances—the distance between the speakers, the distance between the poet and the speakers, and the distance between the speakers and the reader—in adaptations of traditional forms of dialogue poetry (eclogue, dialogue of self and soul, ballad, and drama).
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ISBN: 978-0874139075 $70.00

Opening the Borders: Inclusivity in Early Modern Studies: Essays in Honor of James V. Mirollo
Editor: Peter C. Herman
Early modern studies is increasingly devoted to opening the borders between supposedly discrete areas of study, including antithetical theoretical approaches, and Opening the Borders provides examplars of this eclectic practice. This collection includes studies of both English and Continental subjects, and it demonstrates that the circulation of older and newer critical practices across borders between various "demarcated" theoretical zones enhances our understanding of early modern texts and culture.
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ISBN: 978-0874136753 $90.00

Organizing, Role Enactment, and Disaster: A Structural Theory
Authors: Gary A. Kreps and Susan Lovegren Bosworth
The authors construct a formal theory of organizing and role enactment during the emergency period of disaster. Three core social processes are derived from Ralph Turner's theorizing about role systems: role allocation, role complementarity, and role differentiation.
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ISBN: 978-1611491616 $70.00

Other Voices, Other Views: Expanding the Canon in English Renaissance Studies
Editors: Helen Ostovich, Mary V. Silcox, and Graham Roebuck
This collection presents early modern writers who were either virtually unknown, or whose works were overshadowed by those of their great contemporaries Shakespeare, Jonson, Spenser, and Donne. It is a series of historically specific readings of social relationships, understood from the point of view of marginalized or neglected sources. The intention of this volume is to amplify the canon with complementary materials whose differences of voice and view may moderate and open up new discourses on the early modern period.
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ISBN: 978-0874136807 $90.00

Ouida the Phenomenon: Evolving Social, Political, and Gender Concerns in Her Fiction
Authors: Natalie Schroeder and Shari Hodges Holt
This first full-length study of the works of best-selling Victorian novelist Ouida (Marie Louise Ramé) examines the evolution of social, political, and gender issues in Ouida's fiction, from her "high society" romances of the 1860s to her satirical exposés of contemporary society in the 1890s. Schroeder and Holt demonstrate the significance of this relatively unexamined author's works for literary studies today.
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ISBN: 978-1611490985 $80.00

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