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Queens and Revolutionaries: New Readings of Jean Genet
Author: Pascale Gaitet
Queens and Revolutionaries proposes new readings of Genet that focus on the two areas that Saint Genet does not adequately address: sex and politics. The book first demonstrates how Sartre's emphasis on a range of binary oppositions fails to do justice to the complex interplay of agency and determinism in Genet's novels of the 1940s. The second half of the book turns to lesser-known work dating from the late 1960s onward, and to Prisoner of Love, in order to contest Sartre's insistence on the nonpolitical nature of Genet's work.
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ISBN: 978-0874138269 $70.00

Questioning the Master: Gender and Sexuality in Henry James's Writing
Editor: Peggy McCormack
This is the first collection to bring together new essays exploring James's depiction of gender and his use of sexual imagery—both now the focus of current debate. The essays, including those by eminent James scholars Leland Person and John Carlos Rowe, examine his fiction, films made from his work, his own literary criticism, letters, and travel writing. These essays represent a range of theoretical perspectives—cultural studies, feminist and gender studies, queer theory, Lacanian and deconstructive psychoanalytical studies, and historicism.
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ISBN: 978-0874137125 $75.00

Questions of Power: The Politics of Women's Madness Narratives
Author: Susan J. Hubert
This book explores the psychiatric pathologizing of women and the ways in which women have used autobiographical writing to rebel against forced treatment and incarceration. It also outlines the history of psychiatric treatment in the United States and examines the connection between larger social movements and reforms in the care of women mental patients.
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ISBN: 978-1611492002 $70.00

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