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A Series Published by the University of Delaware Press

Series Editor: Sarah R. Cohen, University at Albany, State University of New York

Series Advisory Board:
Wendy Bellion, University of Delaware
Martha Hollander, Hofstra University
Christopher M. S. Johns, Vanderbilt University
William Pressly, University of Maryland
Amelia Rauser, Franklin and Marshall College
Michael Yonan, University of Missouri

Paula Radisich
Pastiche, Fashion, and Galanterie in Chardin's Genre Subjects: Looking Smart
More Information

Christine A. Jones
Shapely Bodies: The Image of Porcelain in Eighteenth-Century France
More Information

Jean-François Bédard
Decorative Games: Ornament, Rhetoric, and Noble Culture in the Work of Gilles-Marie Oppenord (1672-1742)
More Information

William L. Pressly
The Artist as Original Genius: Shakespeare’s "Fine Frenzy" in Late Eighteenth-Century British Art
More Information

Amelia Rauser
Caricature Unmasked: Irony, Authenticity, and Individualism in Eighteenth-Century English Prints
More Information

Alden Cavanaugh, ed.
Performing the "Everyday": The Culture of Genre in the Eighteenth Century
More Information

Charles A. Cramer
Abstraction and the Classical Ideal, 1760-1920
More Information

Susan M. Dixon
Between the Real and the Ideal: The Accademia degli Arcadi and Its Garden in Eighteenth-Century Rome
More Information

Dorothy Johnson, ed.
Jacques-Louis David: New Perspectives
More Information

Genevieve Warwick, ed.
Caravaggio: Realism, Rebellion, Reception
(Out of Print)

Mary Sheriff, ed.
Antoine Watteau: Perspectives on the Artist and the Culture of His Time
(Out of Print)

Amy S. Wyngaard
From Savage to Citizen: The Invention of the Peasant in the French Enlightenment
More Information

Mark Reinberger
Utility and Beauty: Robert Wellford and Composition Ornament in America
More Information

Martha Mel Stumberg Edmunds
Piety and Politics: Imaging Divine Kingship in Louis XIV's Chapel at Versailles
More Information

John C. O'Neal
Changing Minds: The Shifting Perception of Culture in Eighteenth-Century France
(Out of Print)

Marion Roberts
Dugdale and Hollar: History Illustrated
(Out of Print)

Elise Goodman, ed.
Art and Culture in the Eighteenth Century: New Dimensions and Multiple Perspectives
More Information

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