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SHAKESPEARE AND HIS CONTEMPORARIES: The International Shakespeare Series

A Series Published by the University of Delaware Press

Series Editor: Jay L. Halio

Christa Jansohn, ed.
German Shakespeare Studies at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
More Information

José Manuel González, ed.
Spanish Studies in Shakespeare and His Contemporaries
(Out of Print)

Poonam Trivedi and Dennis Bartholomeusz, eds.
India's Shakespeare: Translation, Interpretation, and Performance
More Information

Ladina Bezzola Lambert and Balz Engler, eds.
Shifting the Scene: Shakespeare in European Culture
More Information

A. Luis Pujante and Ton Hoenselaars, eds.
Four Hundred Years of Shakespeare in Europe
More Information

Aimara da Cunha Resende, ed.
Foreign Accents: Brazilian Readings of Shakespeare
(Out of Print)

Gunnar Sorelius, ed.
Shakespeare and Scandinavia: A Collection of Nordic Studies
More Information

Alexander Shurbanov and Boika Sokolova, eds.
Painting Shakespeare Red: An East-European Appropriation
More Information

Gerald M. Pinciss, ed.
Forbidden Matter: Religion in the Drama of Shakespeare and His Contemporaries
(Out of Print)

Michele Marrapodi and Giorgio Melchiori, eds.
Italian Studies in Shakespeare and His Contemporaries
More Information

J. Lawrence Guntner and Andrew M. McLean, eds.
Redefining Shakespeare: Literary Theory and Theater Practice in the German Democratic Republic
(Out of Print)

Yoshiko Kawachi, ed.
Japanese Studies in Shakespeare and His Contemporaries
(Out of Print)

Avraham Oz, ed.
Strands Afar Remote: Israeli Perspectives on Shakespeare
(Out of Print)

Alexandr Parfenov and Joseph G. Price, eds.
Russian Essays on Shakespeare and His Contemporaries
(Out of Print)

Jean-Marie Maguin and Michèle Willems, eds.
French Essays in Shakespeare and His Contemporaries: "What Would France With Us?"
More Information

Jerzy Limon and Jay L. Halio, eds.
Shakespeare and His Contemporaries: Eastern and Central European Studies
(Out of Print)

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