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Soi-disant: Life-Writing in French

Edited by Juliana De Nooy, Barbara E. Hanna, and Joe Hardwick

         ISBN: 978-0874139327

         Published in 2005

         $31.99 (paperback)

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A cross-section of current work in autobiographical studies, Soi-disant brings together essays on Raymond Queneau, Georges Perec, Jean Genet, Jeanne Hyvrard, Amélie Nothomb, Yves Navarre, Catherine Pozzi, Marie Bashkirtseff, and the history of Maghreb literature. It highlights the intertextual nature of autobiographical writing, the ways in which it is shaped by other texts of various genres and bears the traces of these textual intersections. Reflecting contemporary preoccupations in autobiographical studies, the collection demonstrates that the aim has moved beyond the policing of a genre. Autobiographical practices are taken to be plural and considered as sets of discursive maneuvers. The essays are thus concerned less with defining what life-writing is than with raising questions about what it can do performatively, whether in diaries, autobiographies subtitled as such, and novels read as autobiographies, or in such unlikely genres as fourteenth-century travel writing in Arabic and the elaborate games of OuLiPo texts. Juliana de Nooy is a lecturer in the Contemporary Studies Program at the University of Queensland. Barbara E. Hanna lectures in French at Queensland University of Technology. Joe Hardwick lectures in French cinema and cultural studies at the University of Queensland.

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