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The Tactics of Toleration: A Refugee Community in the Age of Religious Wars
Author: Jesse Spohnholz
During the Age of Religious Wars, refugee communities in borderland towns like the Rhineland city of Wesel were remarkably religiously diverse and culturally heterogeneous places. Examining religious life from the perspective of Calvinists, Lutherans, Mennonites, and Catholics, Jesse Spohnholz examines how residents dealt with this pluralism during an age of deep religious conflict and intolerance.
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ISBN: 978-1611490343 $90.00 (hardback)/E-Book Available

A Taste for the Foreign: Worldly Knowledge and Literary Pleasure in Early Modern French Fiction
Author: Ellen R. Welch
A Taste for the Foreign examines foreignness as a crucial aesthetic category for the development of prose fiction from Jacques Amyot's 1547 translation of The Ethiopian Story to Antoine Galland's early eighteenth-century version of The Thousand and One Nights. Concentrating on the most successful examples of some of the most important sub-genres of prose fiction in the long seventeenth century—heroic romances, shorter urban novels, fictional memoirs, and extraordinary voyages—the book examines how these types of fiction creatively appropriate the scientific or documentary forms of writing that claimed to inform the French public about exotic places.
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ISBN: 978-1611490626 $75.00/E-Book Available

Teaching with Shakespeare: Critics in the Classroom
Editors: Bruce McIver and Ruth Stevenson
In this work, six Shakespeare scholars and critics (Helen Vendler, R. A. Foakes, Leah Marcus, John Wilders, Patricia Parker, and Annabel Patterson), in a series of lectures delivered to undergraduates, explain distinctive critical strategies that they and other contemporary critics use for interpreting Shakespeare's poems and plays. Workshops illustrating the practice of these strategies follow the lectures.
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ISBN: 978-1611491654 $80.00

Technologies of Empire Writing, Imagination, and the Making of Imperial Networks, 1750–1820
Author: Dermot Ryan
Technologies of Empire looks at the ways in which writers of the long eighteenth century treat writing and imagination as technologies that can produce rather than merely portray empire. Authors ranging from Adam Smith to William Wordsworth consider writing not as part of a larger logic of orientalism that represents non-European subjects and spaces in fixed ways, but as a dynamic technology that organizes these subjects and transforms these spaces.
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ISBN: 978-1611494488 $70.00/E-Book Available

Terræ-filius, Or, The Secret History of the University of Oxford (1721; 1726)
Author: Nicholas Amhurst
Edited with an Introduction and Notes by William E. Rivers
In his Terræ-Filius essays of 1721, Nicholas Amhurst describes and satirizes Oxford life as he saw it during the 1710s and early 1720s. This modern critical edition of the Terræ-Filius reprints all the essays (including those omitted in the 1726 collected editions) and provides an introduction and extensive explanatory notes that set the essays in their historical and cultural context.
William L. Mitchell Prize for Bibliography or Documentary Work on Early British Periodicals or Newspapers,
The Bibliographical Society of America

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ISBN: 978-0874138016 $105.00

The Text of Great Britain: Theme and Design in Defoe's Tour
Author: Pat Rogers
This book is the first full-length analysis of one of the key books of the eighteenth century—Daniel Defoe's Tour Through the Whole Island of Great Britain. The creation of Defoe's Tour, its sources and models, and its relationship to earlier topographic literature are discussed. The Text of Great Britain argues that Defoe evolved a rhetorical design that would express his sense of Britain as a working system constructed around cities, the countryside, and roads to form an intelligible whole.
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ISBN: 978-0874136173 $75.00

The Theatre Career of Thomas Arne
Author: Todd Gilman
This book concerns the life and theatrical career of the great native-born English composer and musician of the eighteenth century, Thomas Augustine Arne (1710-1778). Its purpose is three-fold. First, it provides a comprehensive biography and account of the performance and publication of Arne’s works during his lifetime. Second, it considers Arne’s social context: his relationships with the many dramatists, actors, singers, and fellow composers and instrumentalists—including many members of his own family—with whom he collaborated on the London and Dublin stages as well as at the London pleasure gardens. Third, it offers analysis of eighty musical illustrations drawn from vocal works for the theatre spanning Arne’s career, and readers can simultaneously study and listen to the musical examples on a companion web page that hosts media files produced using music notation software. The audio component constitutes a crucial supplement to a study of Arne.
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ISBN: 978-1611494365 $120.00 (hardback)/$59.99 (paperback)/E-Book Available

The Theatre of Praise: The Panegyric Tradition in Seventeenth-Century English Drama
Author: Joanne Altieri
A critical examination of panegyrical theatre from its beginnings in the masque, city pageant, and history plays to its varied culmination on the Restoration musical stage.
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ISBN:978-1611491517 $75.00

Theodore Dreiser's Uncollected Magazine Articles, 1897-1902
Editor: Yoshinobu Hakutani
This edition of Dreiser's work consists of thirty-four uncollected magazine articles published between 1897 and 1902. In this period, before writing Sister Carrie, Dreiser contributed 111 freelance articles to various magazines. A great majority of these magazine articles have been collected in two previous editions, including Selected Magazine Articles of Theodore Dreiser: Life and Art in the American 1890s, published by Fairleigh Dickinson University Press.
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ISBN: 978-0874138184 $90.00

Theodore von Neuhoff, King of Corsica: The Man Behind the Legend
Author: Julia Gasper
"A visionary and a madman" was how one British statesman, Lord Carteret, described Theodore von Neuhoff. This exciting biography, Theodore von Neuhoff, King of Corsica: The Man behind the Legend by Julia Gasper, traces the unlikely career of the German baron who in 1736 had himself proclaimed and crowned King of Corsica. Theodore von Neuhoff’s career spanned the entire continent and his role in the Corsican rebellion against Genoa was as bold and unconventional as everything else in his life. Mixing with royalty, rogues and rabble, he was successively a soldier, secret agent, Jacobite, speculator, alchemist, cabbalist, Rosicrucian, astrologer, fraudster, and spy.
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ISBN: 978-1611494402 $85.00/E-Book Available

Theology and Literature in the Age of Johnson: Resisting Secularism
Editors: Melvyn New and Gerard Reedy, S.J.
Theology and Literature in the Age of Johnson: Resisting Secularism contains seventeen essays exploring the complex relationships between literary intentions and theological concerns of authors writing in the second half of the eighteenth century. The diversity of literary forms and subjects, from Fielding and Richardson to Burke and Wollstonecraft, is matched by a diversity of approaches and theologies.
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ISBN: 978-1611494006 $90.00 (hardback)/$32.99 (paperback)/E-Book Available

Thirteen Stories by Fitz-James O'Brien: The Realm of the Mind
Author: Wayne R. Kime
This volume forms part of a continuing initiative by Wayne R. Kime to make available the writings of Fitz-James O’Brien (1828-1862), an Irish-American literary man who during his lifetime won reputation as one of the most talented young authors in the United States, but who has been all but forgotten since. It follows Fitz-James O’Brien: Selected Literary Journalism, 1852-1860 (Susquehanna University Press, 2003) and Behind the Curtain: Selected Fiction of Fitz-James O’Brien (University of Delaware Press and Rowman & Littlefield, 2011), both edited by Kime.
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ISBN: 978-1611494020 $70.00/E-Book Available

Thomas Hardy and the Law: Legal Presences in Hardy's Life and Fiction
Author: William A. Davi
Thomas Hardy and the Law argues that Hardy's extensive legal research and experience drove his writing of fiction throughout his career. The book studies Hardy's legal research and friendships, his work as a Dorchester magistrate, actual Victorian law cases from which he drew novel material, nineteenth-century legal reform, the legal "machinery" of the novels, and Hardy's position as an advocate for the reform of marriage laws.
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ISBN: 978-0874137989 $70.00

Thomas Paine's American Ideology
Author: A. Owen Aldridge
This book analyzes the entire spectrum of Paine's intellectual career between 1775 and 1787, not merely his attitude toward American independence. The author summarizes Paine's writings as an apprentice magazine editor, sketches the publishing history of Common Sense, explains its major philosophical doctrines and contemporary issues, and indicates the relations of these ideas to earlier manifestations.
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ISBN: 978-0874132601 $90.00

Three-Part Inventions: The Novels of Thomas Bernhard
Author: Thomas J. Cousineau
The epigraph to Correction, Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard's masterpiece, reads: "A body needs at least three points of support, not in a straight line, to fix its position." Three-Part Inventions finds in this simple geometrical axiom a surprisingly complex key to an understanding of Bernhard's major novels.
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ISBN: 978-1611490855 $70.00

Threshold Poetics: Milton and Intersubjectivity
Author: Susannah B. Mintz
Threshold Poetics: Milton and Intersubjectivity is a study of the challenge intersubjective experience poses to doctrinal formulations of difference. Focusing on Paradise Lost and Samson Agonistes, and using feminist and relational psychoanalytic theory, the project examines representations of looking, working, eating, conversing, and touching, to argue that encounters between selves in "threshold space" dismantle the binary oppositions that support categorical thinking.
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ISBN: 978-1611492293 $80.00

The Time is Out of Joint: Skepticism in Shakespeare's England
Author: Benjamin Bertram
The final decades of the sixteenth century brought tumultuous change to England. The Time is Out of Joint situates the work of four skeptics—Reginald Scot, Thomas Harriot, Christopher Marlowe, and William Shakespeare—within the context of religious and social change.
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ISBN: 978-1611492620 $75.00

To Kill a Text: The Dialogic Fiction of Hugo, Dickens, and Zola
Author: Ilinca Zarifopol-Johnston
To Kill a Text analyzes the intertextual conflicts between four monuments of nineteenth-century fiction: Notre-Dame de Paris, Bleak House, Le Ventre de Paris and Germinal. The fundamental hypothesis of the book is that Dickens and Zola exemplify Hugo's conception of the novel as a "graft" of one work upon another, producing hybrid mixtures of genres and styles of representation.
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ISBN: 978-0874135398 $80.00

To Provide for the General Welfare: A History of the Federal Spending Power
Author: Theodore Sky
To Provide for the General Welfare traces the course of the constitutional controversy over the spending power and the role of that power in driving an expansion in federal activity and authority from 1787 forward. The author documents how Americans came to read their Constitution to help them improve their roads, schools, colleges, cultural institutions, and health care, and to provide themselves with social insurance and safety-net programs for the vulnerable.
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ISBN: 978-1611491197 $44.99 (paperback)

To the Wilderness: A Memoir
Author: Marion K. Stocking
To the Wilderness is the memoir of an outdoorswoman's life in search of the wild. Improvising a canoe route through deep Maine woods, she discovered—a century after Thoreau—not "the forest primeval" but a commercial forest, B.C. (Before Chainsaw). Stocking contemplates the changing attitudes toward the environment in her lifetime and suggests how one person or a nation may live responsibly on the planet.
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ISBN: 978-0-87413-078-2 $70.00

Tobias Smollett, Scotland's First Novelist: New Essays in Memory of Paul-Gabriel Boucé
Editor: O M Brack, Jr.
This collection takes a fresh look at issues raised not only in Smollett's novels, for which he is usually remembered, but also in other works of this prolific Scottish author. Essays include a demonstration beyond reasonable doubt, after more than two centuries of debate, that it was indeed Smollett who authored "The Memoires of a Lady of Quality" in the Adventures of Peregrine Pickle, with material supplied to him by Frances, Lady Vane.
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ISBN: 978-1611493252 $90.00

Tocqueville & Beyond: Essays on the Old Regime in Honor of David D. Bien
Editors: Robert M. Schwartz and Robert A. Schneider
This collection of essays by French and American historians testifies to the enduring importance of Alexis de Tocqueville's The Old Regime and the French Revolution, first published in 1856. The essays in Tocqueville & Beyond join this trend, draw on recent research to offer both an appreciation and critique of Tocqueville's remarkable work.
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ISBN:978-1611492330 $85.00

Traffic and Turning: Islam and English Drama, 1579-1624
Author: Jonathan Burton
Bringing together English, Ottoman, and North African sources to outline the discourse on Muslims, Traffic and Turning offers an extended discussion of the theater and its place in this discourse, while presenting important methodological and theoretical theses with regard to the analysis of cross-cultural encounters in early modern England.
Full Description
ISBN: 0-87413-913-9 $55.00

Trains and Technology: The American Railroad in the Nineteenth Century
Author: Anthony J. Bianculli
This series of four lavishly illustrated volumes provides a thorough grounding in the maturation of the American railroad through an exposition of railroad technology in an age of unprecedented technological expansion. Vol. 1: Locomotives details locomotive design and application from 1830 to 1900. Vol. 2: Cars is devoted to passenger, freight, and non-revenue cars of nineteenth-century America. Vol. 3: Track and Structures covers the technologies involved in locating and building the railroad and all its aspects of rail development. The structures portion of this volume investigates stations and structures needed to service the equipment and conduct operations. Vol. 4: Bridges and Tunnels, Signals is an exposition of the various types of bridges, their foundations, and the materials of which they were made. Tunnels, marine railroad operations, and the development of the signal systems is also fully covered here.
Full Description Volume 1, ISBN: 978-1611491937 $75.00
Full Description Volume 2, ISBN: 978-1611491944 $75.00
Full Description Volume 3, ISBN: 978-1611492200 $75.00
Full Description Volume 4, ISBN: 978-1611492217 $75.00

Transatlantic Renaissances: Literature of Ireland and the American South
Author: Kathryn Stelmach Artuso
Tracing the transatlantic influence of the Irish Revival upon the Southern Renaissance, this work explores how the latter looked to the former for guidance, artistic innovation, and models for self-invention and regional renovation. While Deleuze and Guattari’s model for minor literature refers to minority or regional authors who work within a major language for purposes of subversion, Artuso modifies their term along generic and thematic lines to refer to errant female juveniles within subsidiary genres whose nonconformist development threatens to disrupt the dominant patriarchal culture of a region or nation.
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ISBN: 978-1611494341 $70.00 (hardback)/$39.99 (paperback)/E-Book Available

Transformations, Ideology, and the Real in Defoe's Robinson Crusoe and Other Narratives: Finding "The Thing Itself"
Author: Maximillian E. Novak
Novak explores important problems in the fiction of Daniel Defoe, from his interest in rendering reality (what he called "the Thing itself"), whether in painting or prose fiction, to the various ways in which Defoe's works were read by contemporaries and by those novelists who attempted to imitate and comment upon his Life and Strange Surprizing Adventure of Robinson Crusoe decades after its publication.
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ISBN: 978-1611494853 $75.00 hardback/E-Book Available

Transformations of Memory and Forgetting in Sixteenth-Century France: Marguerite de Navarre, Pierre de Ronsard, Michel de Montaigne
Author: Nicolas Russell
This book proposes that in a number of French Renaissance texts, produced in varying contexts and genres, we observe a shift in thinking about memory and forgetting. Focusing on a corpus of texts by Marguerite de Navarre, Pierre de Ronsard, and Michel de Montaigne, it explores several parallel transformations of and challenges to traditional discourses on the human faculty of memory.
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ISBN: 978-1611490541 $70.00

Transforming Campus Culture: Frank Aydelotte's Honors Experiment at Swarthmore College
Author: Ruth Shoemaker Wood
At a time in American history when football ruled the American campus and fraternities dominated student life, Frank Aydelotte, through his determination to specialize exclusively in initiating an Honors program of study, accomplished a feat virtually unknown in American higher education. That is, he succeeded in shaping one regional, run of the mill, Quaker school-Swarthmore College-into an intellectually-charged, academically-focused institution able to command national respectability, prestige, and financial support and commit itself to intellectual life at a time when higher education in the United States met with pressures against such change.
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ISBN: 978-1611493719 $68.50 (hardback)/E-Book Available

Transforming the Word: Prophecy, Poetry, and Politics in England, 1650-1742
Author: Margery A. Kingsley
The radical prophets of the English civil wars were fascinating figures, combining a devout belief in the power of divine inspiration with a passionate desire for social change and a distinctly eccentric rhetorical style. Tracing the prophets who rant, rage, and wreak havoc through the works of Butler, Dryden, Mandeville, Pope, and other less familiar writers of the period, Transforming the Word pursues the fate of radical prophecy between 1660 and 1742.
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ISBN: 978-0874137491 $75.00

Tuned and Under Tension: The Recent Poetry of W. D. Snodgrass
Editor: Philip Raisor
The essays in this book constitute a close reading of the later poetry of W. D. Snodgrass. Each writer has taken a work or theme that has led to the complexities of Snodgrass's dense layerings of content and technique. These essays also begin to define his relationship to the modern tradition.
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ISBN: 978-1611491814 $70.00

Twenty-First-Century Perspectives on Nineteenth-Century Art: Essays in Honor of Gabriel P. Weisberg
Editors: Petra ten-Doesschate Chu and Laurinda S. Dixon
This book presents an interdisciplinary and inclusive view of nineteenth-century art, observed from the vantage point of the new twenty-first century. The areas of expertise represented by the thirty essays herein span the full range of nineteenth-century studies, and include discussions of such artistic styles as realism, impressionism, romanticism, and art nouveau, as well as early twentieth-century movements that owe their formative influence to the nineteenth century. Topics span the historical gamut from revivalism to the roots of modernism.
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ISBN: 978-1611490817 $85.00

A Twice-Told Tale: Re-Inventing the Encounter in Iberian/Iberian-American Literature and Film
Editors: Santiago Juan-Navarro and Theodore Robert Young
A Twice-Told Tale analyzes contemporary reconstructions of the age of "discovery," exploration, and conquest vis-à-vis fifteenth- and sixteenth-century sources. It explores the cultural construction of colonial alterity, sexual difference and textual politics, the myths of mestizaje, the re-invention of the past through apocryphal chronicles, the (re-)presentation of the Old World-New World encounter, and the carnivalization of history in contemporary Iberian/Iberian-American literature and film. The contributors also discuss the problem of interpreting the encounter from historical periods that foster radically different perspectives.
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ISBN: 978-0874137330 $85.00

Two Different Worlds: Christian Absolutes and the Relativism of Social Science
Author: Charles E. Garrison
Challenging the assumption that the biblical text is absolutist, this study renders the wall of division between Christian absolutism and cultural relativism indefensible. Its encouraging argument draws upon sociology, anthropology, and analysis of the biblical text.
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ISBN: 978-0874133301 $70.00

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