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Varieties of Antisemitism: History, Ideology, Discourse
Editors: Murray Baumgarten, Peter Kenez, and Bruce Thompson
The essays in this volume articulate the historical ground on which this artistic exploration of the Holocaust and anti-Semitism depends. They also elaborate on the spectrum that connects them, in terms of their historical location and ideological emphases, and thus suggest the ways in which they are connected in terms of rhetorical discourse.
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ISBN: 978-1611491036 $95.00

Victorian Yankees at Queen Victoria's Court: American Encounters with Victoria and Albert
Author: Stanley Weintraub
Victoria's long reign encompassed much of the time in which the young United States was growing up. The responses of Americans toward Victoria reveal not only what they thought of her (and her husband) as people and as monarchs, but reflect their own ambitions, confidence, smugness, insecurities—and sense of loss. Parting from England brought a surge of pride, but it also carried with it an unanticipated price. Victorian Yankees at Queen Victoria's Court is a selective lens into nineteenth-century America—an offbeat way to look at a people and a nation possessed with unruly energy and burgeoning into a wary greatness.
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ISBN: 978-1611490602 $80.00 (hardback)/E-Book Available

The Voice of Elizabethan Stage Directions: The Evolution of a Theatrical Code
Author: Linda McJannet
This book highlights the form and voice of stage directions as an important aspect of dramatic discourse generally and Elizabethan drama specifically. It traces the development of Elizabethan directions from their medieval forebears and contrasts the directions associated with the professional theaters with the neoclassical conventions of other venues.
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ISBN: 978-0874136609 $75.00

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