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To the Wilderness: A Memoir

by Marion K. Stocking

         ISBN: 978-0-87413-078-2

         Published in 2010


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To the Wilderness is the memoir of an outdoorswoman's life in search of the wild. Improvising a canoe route through deep Maine woods, she discovered—a century after Thoreau—not "the forest primeval" but a commercial forest, B.C. (Before Chainsaw). Later, in the Minnesota-Ontario border waters she found "wilderness" being loved to death, making the ironic case for management of wild places. Climbing Mount Katahdin in 1947 provided her with a baseline of untrammeled wilderness. But ecstatic moments of union with nature, she discovered, may be inseparable from alienating and even life-threatening encounters. Having grown through innocence to experience, she contemplated the changing attitudes toward the environment in her lifetime and suggested how one person or a nation may live responsibly on the planet. The late Marion K. Stocking taught at Beloit College for thirty years.

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