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Library of Congress Classification

Classification Subject Floor
A General Works 3rd
B - BD, BH, BJ Philosophy 3rd
BF Psychology 3rd
BL - BX Religion 3rd
C, D History - General 3rd
DA History - Great Britain 3rd
DB - DR History - Europe 3rd
DS - DT History - Asia, Africa 3rd
DU History - Australia, Oceania 3rd
E History - U.S. - General 3rd
F History - U.S. - Local, Canada, Latin America 3rd
G - GC Geography 3rd
GC Oceanography 3rd
GF - GT Anthropology 3rd
GV Sports 3rd
H - HA Social Sciences 3rd
HB - HJ Economics 3rd
HM - HX Sociology 3rd
J Political Science Lower Level
K Law Lower Level
L Education 3rd
M Music 3rd
N Art and Architecture 3rd
P Philology 2nd
PA Classics 2nd
PB - PD Modern European Languages 2nd
PE English Language 2nd
PF - PM Germanic, Slavic, Asian, African languages 2nd
PN Literature - General 2nd
PQ Romance Literature 2nd
PR - PS English and American Literature 2nd
PT Germanic Literature 2nd
PZ Juvenile Literature 2nd
Q Science - General 2nd
QA Mathematics 2nd
QB Astronomy 2nd
QC Physics 2nd
QD Chemistry 2nd
QE Geology 2nd
QH - QR Life Sciences 2nd
R Medicine Lower Level
S Agriculture Lower Level
T Engineering and Technology Lower Level
U - V Military and Naval Science Lower Level
Z General Works, Bibliography Lower Level

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