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Information Literacy at the University of Delaware Library

Information Literacy is the ability to find, evaluate, and use information from a range of sources for problem solving, decision making, and research. As such, information literacy encompasses not only the ability to conduct successful research, but also to critically evaluate and ethically incorporate research into academic work, whether that work is a research paper, a service learning project, or a scholarly work.

With the advent of online resources -- library databases, freely available websites, and open-access journals -- knowing how to find, evaluate, and ethically use these kinds of sources is more important than ever before. Librarians at the University of Delaware are committed to working with students and faculty to facilitate the development of information literacy, both among individuals and within the curriculum.

For a more comprehensive description of the information literacy program at the University of Delaware, please read the University of Delaware Library Instruction and Information Literacy Program Statement.

Understanding Information Literacy


The Library Instruction Program is currently developing an assessment plan which will guide efforts to assess student learning and improve the program over time. In addition, in 2010 the Library Instruction Program conducted a pilot assessment of student learning based on library instruction to English 110 classes.

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Incorporating Information Literacy Into the Curriculum


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